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House and office lock

heavy duty high security house lock

Product description:


Name:heavy duty high security house lock

Product Type:GI AC-T 327 CS Zn

Material: Zinc Alloy

Finish: Champagne Silver

Installation C to C:72mm

Door thickness:50-70mm (If beyond this range, it could be customized)


1、Adopt touching digit face plate, fashion and elegance.
2、Match with SYT09 multi-point lock body ZW12 Since the touch lock.
3、Independent make up card and password, 198 normal user cards capacity storage and 8 groups’ password storage.
4、Have always open (passage) function.
5、Have fault setting function: enter un-authority card three times, the door will be automatically lock and alarm, and the numeric keyboard will be lock 5 minutes.
6、Lever handle: dissociate handle design, meet safety requirements using, protect the door.
7、With functions such as fake closing, jimmying resistance, low voltage alarm etc.

 Best Scope of Used For:

Residential Gates & Workshops & Garages

Storage Lockers

Outdoors,Indoors or sheltered, protected environment

Suitable for home and office

Lu Wang Johnson Zhu