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Cylinder ball lock

cylinder ball type handle door lock

Product description:


    Model: A991Y1/PB-XL

    Main material: Copper, stainlesssteel, iron

    Center distance(mm): 60 OR 70 optional

    File Cover / Panel Size(mm): 75

    Bolt: 60mm or 72mmBolt

    Liner size(cm): 25*57

    Pinch Size(cm): 25*57

    Suitable thickness of the door(cm): 35~50

    Provides functionality: Door,bathroom, passage, storage rooms, decoration, garden

    Opening direction of the: Left orRight open

    Packaging: Tray (also availableplastic, window boxes, etc.)

    Number per case: 30

    Packing size(cm): 65:42.5*21*36

   G.W.(KG): 18.4

    N.W.(KG): 17.4

   Minimum Order(Sets): 1000

Lu Wang Johnson Zhu