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The scope of the padlock

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The scope of the lock

    With the rapid growth of the economy, different types of lockset are being developed.Significant changes can be found in finishes, constructions, functions,materials and so on. Specialized locks also being adopted to fit and achievedifferent purpose. Lockset becomes a very important part in the hardware &security industry. We start with the mechanical lockset as an example andclassified them by the product application.

A. Construction Locks

    ConstructionLocks refer to locks used at construction doors, it can be divided into fourmajor categories.

    1. Rim lock - The lock body isinstalled on the door surface
It is usuallyinstalled in building gate, house gate or main entrance door. It can be dividedinto single, double or multi-latch and Jimmy

proof lock (tiger lock) etc. Thesingle latch lock and double latch lock operate in parallel direction. Whilethe latch of Jimmy proof lock operates in vertical direction.

    There are 2 major types of rim lock cylinders - single cylinder and double cylinder, themain difference are:

    Single cylinder: Use the key from outdoors to open the door and use the lever or knob from indoors to open the door. It provides high security from outdoors but convenience from indoors. Weakness - anyone (including a thief) indoors can open the door easily without a key.

    Double cylinder: The lock can be operated by key from both outside and inside. It provides higher security than single cylinder. A thief broken into the house from window can not open the door without the key. Moreover, most of them have hardened housing to protect from breaking by screwdriver, pincers or sinker.Weakness - it can not be opened easily. The double cylinder rim lock can bedivided into two types, jimmy proof rim lock and the non-jimmy proof rim lock.The difference between them are:

    Jimmy Proof  there is a bevel at the cylindrical bolt. Once the lock body touches thestriker, the bolt will hitch the striker, that's Jimmy Proof. The lock can beoperated outside by the key and inside by the key or rotating the knob. A jimmy proof lock usually equips with a security button to prevent opening the door outside without a key .

    Non- jimmy  proof: there is no bevel at the cylindrical bolt. The door can not be locked until the bolt retracts in. It needs to rotate the knob or use the key to close  the lock. A non-jimmy proof lock does not equipped with a security button. Itcan be operated outside by the key and inside by the key or rotating the knob.

    2. Bored Lock - the lock body isinserted into the door edge, the cylinder and security part are located in theknob (or lever)

    This kind of locks are usually adopted to the inside doors. It can be divided into cylindrical knob set & leverset, tubular knobset & leverset. There are some structural & functional difference between the cylindrical and tubular lock sets. The cylindrical lock set can be opened directly by inserting andturning the key. The tubular lockset can only unlock but need to open by rotating the knob or lever. Chinaprefers to use cylindrical lockset but other countries prefer to use thetubular lockset. Different functions are designed to fit for the doorapplications: entrance, privacy, passage, storeroom, balcony, classroom,emergency exit, communicating, hotel, hotel masterkey, single cylinderdeadbolt, double cylinder deadbolt, combo functions etc.

    3.Mortise lock —the lock body isinserted into the door edge, the lever and escutcheon are installed on thesurface of the door.

    It is suitable for the outside door because of it is higher security. (Also adopt toinside door according to the actual condition) It is especially suitable forthe handicapped. It can be classified by the latch function: single squarebolt, single latch, double bolt, multi-bolt and key-operate latch withmulti-bolt.

    The definition of key-operate latch is: The key can operate both the latch andbolt.

    For example:Profile mortise lock or double bolt rim lock, the cylinder can operate thesquare bolt, while the lever can operate the spring latch only. The abovefunction can operate both square and spring latches by the key but the normalone need to operate individually.

    4. Sliding lock —— The latchlook like a hook to fasten the door frame.

    This kind oflocks are usually used to a sliding metal door, gate and wooden door. Itincludes sliding gate lock, rolling shutter lock, rolling window lock andAluminum lock.

B. Industry lock

    Adopt inindustrial projects such as switch lock, machine tool lock, instrumental lock,meter lock, electric cam lock & utility lock etc.

C. Furniture lock

    Adopt infurniture such as drawer lock, cabinet lock, window lock, locker lock andpostbox lock etc.

D. Vehicle lock

    Adopt in allkinds of vehicle such as bike lock, autobike lock, car lock, train lock, shiplock& plane lock etc.

E. Special lock

    Adopt inspecial circumstance such as prison lock, instruments of torture lock and firerate, lock etc.

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