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Special function padlock introduction

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Special function lock introduction.

1.Masterkeying lock

    Masterkeyinglock is not the lock only for the master. It is a locking system with specialstructure and function that can use one key to open more than one lock. Forexample, in a hotel, the General Manager's key can open all the rooms in thehotel, the Floor Manager's key can only open all the rooms in that floor, theguest's key can only open their own room.

    Constructionkey has similar concept with masterkey. Construction lock is equipped with twokinds of key. One kind is the user key and the other is the construction key.When you want to decorate your house, you can give the construction key to theworker. After finished the decoration, once you open the door by the user key,the construction key will be invalid automatically. The construction key cannot be modified or altered to open the door.

    Anotherconcept is anti-masterkeying lock that means a lock can be opened by more thanone types of key. These keys are not the existing keys already found in themarket, they need to set in the factory. For example, to set the company gate lockas an anti-masterkeying lock, all the staffs' keys can open this lock.

    The masterkeyand construction key can be set in a lock or the whole locking system togetheror separately. If you do not want to bring a big bunch of keys, you can thinkabout family masterkey system. The cylinder structure is very complex and highprecision, the pin code should be managed by computer software. Therefore, wesuggest you to choose products manufactured by a creditable supplier.

2.Privacy Lock

    Lock designedspecially for bathroom. Every lock has an emergency key hole design. There is asecurity device inside the door and the emergency key hole outside the door. Ifan accident happened ( for example some person conked inside the bathroom), youcan use the emergent key or a coin to open the door outside to rescue theperson.

3.Passage Lock

    Adopt in thepassage door, no security device or key operate, can be opened freely bothinside and outside. It is often used to the kitchen door.

4. Balcony lock

    This lock hasa security device inside the door but no keyhole outside the door. If you lockthe door inside, it can not open the door from outside. It is equipped with alatch which has self-returning function. Once the latch touched the striker,the security function released. When you have a break at the balcony, you donot need to afraid of being locked outside unless someone press the securitybutton inside the door.

5.Classroom Lock

    The classroomlock is adopted to classroom or other similar usage. It can be operated freelyinside and by key outside.

6.Linkage Lock

    This kind oflock is adapted to two linked rooms. It can be divided into single linkage lockand double linkage lock. Single linkage lock has a cylinder one side whiledouble linkage lock has cylinders in both sides. If someone at one side locksthe door, the door will be shut.

7.Storeroom Lock (Hotel lock)

    This kind oflock is also equipped with two knob or lever, but the knob (lever) outsidecannot be rotated. You can open the door outside only by key. The securitybutton inside is always in operated condition. You can open the door insidefreely. Be careful, do not forget to bring the keys when you leave yourstoreroom or the hotel room.

    Special function lock is designed according tothe concept of “Safety”. Choose a correct function to satisfy your requirementsand save your money.
Lu Wang Johnson Zhu