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Materials and Finishes of the padlock

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1. Materials

    When peopleselect the lockset, they usually concern about the durability of the lock andthe resistance to rust. It is mainly related to the lock's materials andfinishes

    The bestmaterial with the highest durability is stainless steel. A stainless steel lockis always bright and strong anti-causticity. Ferrite and austenitic steel aretwo main kinds of stainless steel. Ferrite steel is also called stainless ironthat has magnetic character and will be rusted under poor environment.Austenitic steel will never rust. We can distinguish them with a magnet.

    Brass, as oneof the most popular lock materials, has strong mechanical character, highanti-causticity and beautiful color. Brass handles and other adorn parts havesmooth surfaces and high consistency. It can be plated with 24K gold, satingold and other finishes which provide more color combinations for your home.

    Zinc-die castmaterial is low in strength and anti-rust capability. The advantage of thismaterial is that it can be casted to complex shape. Many complex locks inmarket are probably made from Zinc-die cast. Consumer should be careful whenchoosing this kind of lock.

Iron has highstrength and low in cost, but it gets rust easily. It is normally used as innerparts of the lock instead of the outer trim.

Aluminiumalloy is very light and with low strength. But it can be moulded easily.

2. Finishes

    Throughprocesses such as plating, spraying, oxidation to establish a protective filmon the hardware surface is called finish. This film is antiseptic and can bestrengthen the appearance and durability. It is an important factor to measurethe product quality directly. Common methods to test the finishes are:overcast, thickness test, adhesive test, salt spray and humidity test, surfaceinspection and so on. Common tests to the coating are strength, rigidity,humidity, surface test and so on.

Lu Wang Johnson Zhu