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How to select a padlock

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How to select alock

Recommendedguidelines in choosing a lock:

    1. Choose the well-known brand and supplier with steadyquality and good services.

    2. Check the packaging first to see if well-packed and anymarkings such as product standard, address, production date and the instructionsheet.

    3. Check the appearance of the product such as thecylinder, lock body, latch, knob, rose and accessories are included.

    4. Operate the lock to ensure well functioning. You shouldcompare at least two locks. For a double cylinder lock, you should test bothinner cylinder and outer cylinder with all the keys and check the safety buttonat least 3 times.

    5 .Check keys bitting, if it is five-bit key, there shouldbe at least 3 difference cuts. The deepest cut in first cut and the fifth cutare not preferable padlock knowledge.

Lu Wang Johnson Zhu