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Before buyinga padlock, you should consider

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一.Before buying a lock, you should consider:

    1. Area of application

Choosesuitable locks for different location such as gate, entrance door, room door,privacy door, passage door and so on.

    2 . Fittingconditions

Theconditions include humidity, door structure, door thickness, door swing etc.should also be considered.

    3 . Designalignment

Locks shouldmatch with internal decoration.

    4 . Usersconvenience

Chooseappropriate locks for the ages, children and handicapped.

    5 .Affordability

Subject toaffordability for choosing different class of locks, however, either low-end orhigh-end quality should not be ignored. Choose a reputable brand for assuranceof quality.

    6 .Dealers'reputation & service

Avoid anydealers selling counterfeit & fake products to consumers.

Lu Wang Johnson Zhu